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STUDY THE BIBLE COURSE Test Number 3 Lessons 9-12

STUDY THE BIBLE COURSE Test Number 3 Lessons 9-12


TEST Number 3

Lessons 9 – 12

Bob Thiel, Editor-in-Chief

Published 2018 by the Continuing Church of God

Preface: This course is highly based upon the personal correspondence course developed in 1954 that began under the direction of the late C. Paul Meredith in the old Radio Church of God. Various portions have been updated for the 21st century (though much of the original writing has been retained). It also has more scriptural references, as well as information and questions not in the original course. Unless otherwise noted, scriptural references are to the NKJV, copyright Thomas Nelson Publishing, used by permission. The KJV, sometimes referred to as the Authorized Version is also often used. Additionally, Catholic- approved translations such as the New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) are sometimes used as are other translations.

This examination is given to help you better understand your Bible.

You are now reading the QUESTIONS SECTION. It CONTAINS the INSTRUCTIONS and the QUESTIONS you will be asked. Note that there are 80 questions and that they are numbered consecutively 1, 2, 3 etc. Note also that there are four possible answers given under each question. These are labelled A, B, C, D. ONLY ONE of these four possible answers is considered to be the RIGHT one! —the other three are false unless stated otherwise.


You are to repeat this process for each of the questions asked. This comprises your test. (Generally speaking, the incorrect answers are false ideas which are taught and believed about the subject.)

Our objective is to give all who have determination to know God’s Word the opportunity to understand the true meaning of the Bible.

By the answers you give to our examination questions, you help show if you have the desire to learn and are doing your best. The final judge as to whether you know your Bible and are living by it will be God Himself. He is the One you had better seek to please. It is He who is able to give you eternal life.

Your eagerness to study and to make the most of your opportunity is what really counts. The exact grade you might make is not too important to you or to us. Naturally, however, we expect a somewhat high percentage of correct answers from you.

Answer as many questions as you can without referring to the previous lessons you have studied. If you find any difficult questions, then refer to the lessons. We expect you to do so!

Notice that these questions are divided into four parts—corresponding to the four lessons. We advise you not to cover more than one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time to understand each question.

Here are two EXAMPLES TO SHOW YOU HOW to answer the questions:

Read the first question of this test. The right answer to select, of course, is “C.” Here is the second example: Notice question number 2 on the next page. The correct answer is “B.” That is all there is to it! It is very simple and fast.

The procedure is always the same. Now continue with question 3 in the same manner…

God Reveals Himself!

1. Which ONE of these four statements is true?

A. We should accept – without question – the word of our local minister concerning God’ s existence, or non-existence.

B. God DOES not COMMAND us to prove all things.

C. God commands us to prove He exists.

D. There is no way of proving God exists – you just have to accept the teachings of the Bible on blind faith.


2. Which ONE of these four statements is true?

A. We all have plenty of time in which to prove God exists – His punishment of this rebellious world is far in the future.

B. The sooner each person proves there is a God, the better they fare.

C. People already know God is not dead – His eternal existence need not be proved.

D. Martians in flying saucers from “outer space” are going to invade this planet and take over its affairs.


3. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Sensitive sound equipment exists which can “hear” spirit beings.

B. Laboratory test equipment exists which can “see” spirit beings.

C. Man has the ability to “feel” spirit beings, thereby proving they exist.

D. Humans can KNOW that God – who is spirit – does exist because He fulfills, by actual events, the prophecies He made long ago.


4. The way to study the Bible with this Correspondence Course is

A. to study the lessons ONLY – not the Bible.

B. to just LOOK UP the Bible references, but never bothering to make notes in your lessons or Bible.

C. to nev er co ns ul t a B ibl e Dictionary.

D. to look up all Bible references, actually STUDY them, and make notes in your lessons and Bible occasionally.


5. God’s throne

A. is located in the second heaven.

B. is on Mount Zion in Palestine today.

C. is not on spiritual Mount Zion.

D. is in the temple of the heavenly Jerusalem.


6. Which of the following tells of the House of David?

A. A tablet of Moses.

B. James’ ossuary box.

C. Tel Dan Stela.

D. Nothing, since there is no evidence.


7. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God has no earthly TYPES of heavenly things.

B. The earthly Jerusalem is a TYPE of the heavenly Jerusalem.

C. The heavenly Mount Zion was never to have an earthly type.

D. God’s plan is not dual.


8. We will:

A. never be able to see spiritual objects.

B. see spiritual objects only when we “go to heaven.”

C. be able to see spiritual objects when we are BORN of God – transformed at the resurrection into spirit beings.

D. be able to see spiritual objects only if we experience the fires of Gehenna.


9. Does God, by describing Himself in Revelation 1:13-16, want us to make any conscious attempt to picture Him mentally to ourselves?

A. No – it would be wrong to do so.

B. There is no purpose in knowing anything about what God looks like.

C. Yes – so He may seem more personal and real to us.

D. We are not to really believe this is what He looks like.


10.When those who qualify are finally glorified, they will:

A. look dull and drab.

B. shine as the sun, but have no greater power.

C. shine as the sun and have great power.

D. look no different than they do in their present mortal bodies.


11.Who is the one great Supreme Being over all?

A. Christ, for He has always played the outstanding role in relation to man.

B. God the Father.

C. There is no supreme head – the Father and Christ are of equal authority.

D. The Father and Christ alternate in assuming the supreme authority.


12.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE? Jesus Christ:

A. was the One who was most often known as LORD/YHVH God by the Old Testament nations.

B. was the Word, but not the Logos.

C. had beginning of days.

D. is often called the Father.


13.One of the two members of the God Family has become known as the FATHER

A. because we positively know He has existed longer than the Logos.

B. Because of the relationship between He and Jesus the Christ.

C. because it has gradually become the cus to m o f r el ig io us denominations to call Him “our Father.”

D. because He created the Logos before He created the universe.


14.Has God eternally existed?

A. Christ had never existed before in any form until the Father begot Him.

B. No – the Father reveals He ORIGINATED eons ago.

C. Only the Father has eternally existed.

D. Yes – God tells us so in the Bible.


15.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The Divine Person who became Jesus Christ was not the “Spokesman” of the God Family in Old Testament times.

B. When Christ conquers all on earth, He will no longer be subject to the Father.

C. The words “In the beginning God …” (Genesis 1:1) do not refer to the time when the God Family created the universe.

D. The Bible refers to the deity of Father and the deity of the Son.


16.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The Father and Son are never spoken of together as “God.”

B. Christ and the Father do not always agree about things.

C. The word “LORD” can mean “The Self-Existent.”

D. The Bible teaches the personhood of the Holy Spirit as defined by trinitarians.


17.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. No one can know any of the “hidden” knowledge of God.

B. Man’s finite mind cannot account for God’s great knowledge.

C. There i s a limit to God’s understanding.

D. Humans can count the total number of stars.


18.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God knows the billions of stars by name.

B. God does not know the general attitude of people.

C. God’s communications system is limited by the speed of light.

D. Humans, with their advanced scientific knowledge and modern technology, will soon surpass the greatness of God..


19.Eternal life is possible:

A. through “spontaneous generation.”

B. only if given as a free gift from God.

C. through natural changes in dead matter.

D. by a mixture of gases.


20.Does God impart His power to humans? There are

A. no records of God ever doing such.

B. records which show He has given certain men supernatural power to do many miraculous things.

C. no promises that we can receive His same Holy Spirit of power.

D. no records showing how we can acquire it.


21.The Holy Spirit:

A. has nothing to do with God’s mind.

B. is not very powerful today.

C. is the very power and essentially mind of God which can become a PART of you.

D. is in everyone at birth.


22.God’s Spirit energy:

A. is not everywhere.

B. is a visible thing.

C. has no useful function.

D. is the power which accomplishes His will throughout the universe.


Prophecy Is a Proof of God!

23.One reason some people today do not believe there is a God:

A. is God has left no physical evidence to prove He exists.

B. the skeptic is afraid and fails to realize the sureness with which His prophecies are being carried out.

C. His prophecies have been proved unreliable.

D. they lack the mentality to prove He exists.


24.God’s fulfilled prophecies have:

A. been carried out only in broad detail.

B. been carried out only in a hazy fashion.

C. been carried out to the minutest detail.

D. never been proof of His existence.


25.Prophecy proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is a God because:

A. no human being could ever foretell future events with such exactness.

B. it is in the Bible and most people really believe the Bible.

C. ministers say it does.

D. this Course says it does.


26.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The world believes prophecy is a proof of God.

B. Prophets of God often prophesied of both Old Testament events which were LATER fulfilled, and events of our day which are now BEING fulfilled.

C. Our economic forecasters can predict as precisely as God.

D. Our human weather forecasters can foretell as accurately as God.


27.Most people have:

A. heard so much truth everywhere that they know they can accept Bible prophecy without question.

B. st u die d a n d prove d Bible prophecy and God’s existence.

C. not come to realize that their very existence will depend on proving the veracity of Bible prophecy and the existence of God.

D. a knowledge of the United States in prophecy.


28.Does God claim He can foretell INFALLIBLY?

A. No – He hedges.

B. Yes – because He has the POWER to bring about His prophecies.

C. His word says He can.

D. He is reluctant to make such a claim.


29.Does God say that humans have the same power to bring about future events as He has?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. He says nothing one way or the other.

D. He says humans can with their technology.


30.The BIG error many of the world’s educated make in not accepting the Bible as the infallible Word of God is that they:

A. ASSUME Bible prophecies are not exact or applicable.

B. are much more eager to do the will of God than they should be.

C. do not believe the skeptics.

D. believe implicitly the Old Testament, but not the New Testament.


31.What is the real basic cause of all human woes?

A. Humankind’s ability to make peace.

B. Humankind’s ability to organize to suppress evil.

C. Rebellious human nature.

D. Humankind’s inability to pick the right doctor.


32.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The fact that man has never established permanent peace among men i s not visible evidence that God’s Word is being fulfilled.

B. Humankind will eventually establish world peace without God’s supernatural intervention.

C. God, who knows the basic cause of human woes, foretold from the start the degree of unhappiness this world would experience.

D. God never foreknew where man’s rebellious nature would lead.


33.God’s prophecy of human strife down through the ages proves He exists because people:

A. try as they may, can’t thwart it.

B. knowing their own limitations, have now all turned to God for the power to change their human nature.

C. knowing it is a decree from God, accept it meekly as true.

D. always recognized it proves His existence.


34.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God’s prophecy of race history is wrong.

B. Japheth’s descendants have not been enlarged.

C. Ham’s descendants have always stood above all.

D. God predicted King Cyrus.


35.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God foretold key parts of the world’s history in advance.

B. God does not always foretell accurately.

C. God has yet to predict future history.

D. Prophecy is only for the past.


36.God shows us He exists today by:

A. bringing to pass many end-time prophecies foretold centuries ago.

B. not allowing a ten-kingdom European union to arise.

C. letting world events shape themselves.

D. leaving “hands off” this world’s affairs.



A. is only a modern phenomenon?

B. can only be caused by descendants of Japheth.

C. was prophesied to happen in these end times.

D. can never involve people from the Middle East.


38.Jesus taught that the true church:

A. would be a little flock in this age.

B. wo uld no t be subj ect to persecution.

C. would dominate much of the world in this age.

D. would be headquartered in Rome for the entire church age.


39.God’s most faithful Church in the end of the age:

A. sets the pattern which all denominations follow.

B. is great in membership.

C. is the only one which fills the description of the one He said He would cause to exist (Revelation 3:7-13) in the endtime.

D. proclaims a message joyously received by everyone.


40.Once Bible prophecy has proved to us that God does exist, what are we to do?

A. Forget the whole matter.

B. Accept Him as our Ruler and follow His laws for abundant living.

C. Make no change in the way we are living.

D. Not be concerned about the future.


Creation Proves the Bible True

41. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Evolution is a proven fact, not a theory.

B. Creation is not scientific.

C. Evolution is an unproved theory.

D. Scientific discoveries always contradict the Bible.


42.If you take the Bible literally, and believe that it means what it says,

A. you believe that evolution is true and there “is no other side to evolution.”

B. you are exposing your ignorance.

C. you may be exposed to ridicule.

D. you will become confused and lose out on eternal salvation.


43.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Only God could have created matter in the beginning.

B. God probably had nothing to do with fashioning the earth.

C. Matter may have always existed.

D. God does not have the power to create anything.


44.What is an importance of URANIUM?

A. Its radioactivity proves that there has been no past eternity of matter.

B. It proves that God does not exist.

C. It proves nothing.

D. It is important only in atomic warfare.


45.Since matter has not always existed,

A. there is no need of a Creator.

B. matter could have evolved of itself out of nothing.

C. its existence today demands a Creator.

D. we can know nothing about the origin of anything.


46.The existence of life:

A. is fully explained by evolution.

B. is a proof that God must exist, because life is not an inherent property of matter.

C. is a result of “spontaneous generation.”

D. is purely the result of “electrochemical action.”


47.According to the Theory of Evolution, all the different kinds of life:

A. must have been created by God.

B. developed from one single-celled protoplasmic mass.

C. do NOT give rise to new and different kinds of life.

D. are of supernatural, rather than natural, origin.


48.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. You can be a true Christian and still believe in evolution as the origin of life.

B. Evolution is a proof that the Bible is not scientific.

C. You cannot be a true Christian and believe in evolution as the origin of life.

D. Communism is unalterably opposed to evolution.


49.Which one of the following men proved that life can come only from life – that it cannot spring spontaneously from dead matter?

A. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher.

B. Redi, an Italian.

C. Charles Darwin.

D. Karl Marx.


50.The “Law of Biogenesis” states that:

A. biology is a proof of evolution.

B. the book of Genesis is unscientific.

C. dead matter will, by itself, produce life.

D. life can come only from life.


51.According to the Theory of Evolution,

A. mammals became reptiles.

B. the unintelligent savage is the result of degeneration.

C. humankind was a gradual transition from some lower animal similar to the anthropoid ape.

D. man sprang suddenly from monkeys.


52.The many varieties of life which cover the earth:

A. arose from a process of unintelligent evolution.

B. prove that simple kinds gradually become new and different and more complex kinds.

C. disprove the Genesis account of creation.

D. always naturally stay within the bounds of the original kinds which God produced at creation.


53.According to the Book of Genesis,

A. God created the universe.

B. many new kinds can arise.

C. animal life existed in the ocean bottom millions of years before plant life developed on the land surface.

D. all life began by evolution.


54.Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Mutations, sudden changes in nature, do not produce totally new KINDS.

B. A new variety is merely a variation WITHIN a Genesis kind.

C. New varieties will vary until they become NEW KINDS.

D. Mutations are not a proof of evolution.


55.We may properly conclude that:

A. humans often willingly and deliberately ignore the evidence of the flood.

B. no ancient cities were ever buried by the flood in Noah’s day.

C. fossils were all buried over a period of millions of years.

D. the simplest fossils were always buried first and the more complex fossils on top, proving evolution to be true.


56.Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The simpler forms of life are always found buried in the lower strata.

B. Complex forms of life never occur at the very bottom of strata.

C. Evolution is proved by the logical order in which fossils are found buried.

D. The simple and complex forms are usually jumbled throughout the strata.


57.Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. The fossil strata of the pre-Adamic destruction were laid in rapid succession since plants are often found piercing through successive beds of stone!

B. All the strata were formed since Adam, and as a result of the Flood in Noah’s day.

C. The tracks of fleeing animals, preserved in the fossil strata, prove that successive layers were laid rapidly, because footprints would have been obliterated in a few days’ time.

D. Most of the fossils of the preAdamic world were buried alive and suddenly.


58.God ORIGINALLY created the earth:

A. perfect and beautiful.

B. in chaos and confusion.

C. a hot molten mass unfit for life.

D. covered with clouds and thick darkness.


59.The earth BECAME a desolation before Adam’s time:

A. because of the sins of pre-Adamic human beings.

B. because of the sin of the angels who rebelled against God.

C. because God likes to destroy things.

D. because of purely natural conditions.


60.In the first two verses of Genesis,

A. a perfect creation and its destruction are revealed.

B. the account of the first day of the ADAMIC creation week is recorded.

C. proof is given that God originally created the heavens and earth not more than 6000 years ago.

D. we learn that the earth was created in chaos.


61. Evolution leads to:

A. at least a form of atheism.

B. a firm belief in God.

C. a comprehension of the purpose of life.

D. a knowledge of the origin of things.



62.The Bible is:

A. a pious fraud.

B. man’s first attempt to gather up primitive traditions and make them appear AS the work of a supreme being.

C. a book of fables and myths.

D. an inspired revelation from God.


63.The religious leaders of the world believe that the Bible:

A. contains fables and myths about God, and is not really a revelation from God to man of essential knowledge.

B. ought to be obeyed, because the God who inspired it has authority over human affairs.

C. is an inspired revelation from God of vital knowledge that man needs to understand.

D. is the inspired Word of God Himself, and should be followed in every detail.


64.The people who do NOT believe and practice what the Bible says

A. still can understand the meaning of present world events.

B. know the goal for which human beings were put on earth.

C. can never fully understand the lessons of the past, nor know in advance what the future holds.

D. can still determine for themselves what is right and wrong.


65.The evidence of the inspiration and infallibility of the Bible

A. has not been rejected by worldly scholars.

B. can be disproved by science.

C. has been rejected by the world because it knows that if the Bible were proved infallible, people would have an obligation to obey it.

D. can be disproved from accurate historical records.


66.In the Jewish Talmud, which is a historical record of Jewish practices and beliefs, the Jews state that Jesus Christ

A. performed miracles of healing and of casting out demons.

B. never existed.

C. performed His miracles by the very power of God.

D. is the promised Messiah foretold in Scripture.


67.The non-Christian Jewish historian of the first century, Josephus, declares that

A. Jesus is a myth, invented by Gentiles.

B. James was a brother of Jesus who was called Christ.

C. John the Baptist was an evil man.

D. there is no evidence to support the belief that Jesus had any disciples.


68.The authority and the inspiration of the Bible have been

A. repudiated by many without properly being tested.

B. recognized by all translators of the Bible.

C. the foundation for the religious practices of all the churches.

D. rejected only by atheists.


69.Most people

A. take for granted what the churches say about the Bible.

B. examine the Bible for themselves to see what it actually says.

C. naturally want to resist their lusts and practice what the Bible says.

D. do not want to believe fables because they prefer the truth.


70.Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. People often reject the truth of the Bible as out-of-date in this space age.

B. It is easy for people who have been brought up in various churches to grasp the truth of the Bible.

C. Human beings naturally think their ways are better than God’s ways.

D. War, sickness and suffering are the penalties of the wrong way of life.


71.The expression “Thus saith the Lord,” which is found hundreds of times in the Bible, means that

A. God speaks with authority to us through the Bible.

B. we do not need to do what God says.

C. the prophets who wrote the Bible falsely attributed their own human ideas to a God.

D. we should believe whatever the churches say about the Bible.


72.The accurate preservation of the Bible

A. can never be proved.

B. has been disproved by the Dead Sea Scrolls.

C. is illustrated by the Isaiah Manuscript found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

D. is of no real importance to us today.


73.Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. There are slight variations in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Bible.

B. God permitted these minor scribal changes in spelling and word order so that those who spoke Hebrew and Greek would always understand the Bible even though the language gradually changed.

C. These minor changes do not change the important messages of the Bible.

D. Variation in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Bible are so extensive that the meaning of the Bible has been lost.


74.The various translations of the Bible

A. are so contradictory that it is almost impossible to know what God really says.

B. are essential because the English language is gradually changing over the centuries.

C. were never intended by God.

D. should never have been made because the Bible was never intended to be read personally by the common person for himself.


75.The Revised Standard Version of the Bible

A. is perfect.

B. should never be read by anybody.

C. was translated by Communists as a plot against Christianity.

D. is far from perfect, but is accurate enough to be a reasonably faithful rendering of the Word of God.


76.Do we have all the Bible?

A. Yes, except for the Apocrypha which should be added to the Bible.

B. We can never be sure if we do.

C. No, we do not.

D. Yes, we do; for we have proof that the Bible has been accurately preserved.


77.Is there historical proof that the Patriarchs of the Bible really lived?

A. There is no proof.

B. The evidence is too scanty to be of any value.

C. Perhaps, but the proof has been totally lost over the centuries.

D. Of course there is, for many ancient towns and cities in Mesopotamia were named after many of them!


78.Did the nations of antiquity regard “Noah’s Flood” as historical fact?

A. Many of them recorded it as historical fact.

B. They wrote nothing about it.

C. They denied it ever occurred.

D. We cannot know as all their records have perished.


79.Is there evidence that the Bible account of Joseph in Egypt is true?

A. No evidence has so far come to light.

B. The story of Joseph has been proved a Jewish fable.

C. Abundant testimony proves that Joseph was a historical person.

D. It does not matter if there were evidence; for the Bible is as undependable as ordinary MANMADE books on history.


80.Are the critics RIGHT in their claim that the Book of Daniel is a forgery?

A. No, they are not. Not one verse of the Book of Daniel has ever been proved historically untrue. Many verses have been proved true.

B. Yes, because the miracles recorded in the Book just could not have happened. Miracles are impossible.

C. We cannot be sure.

D. Part of it is a forgery and part of it is historically true.


Now That You’ve Finished


Keep this question section. File it in your notebook at the end of the Lessons it covers. Review these questions now and then. Why? Because the review will give you the opportunity to impress the true answers more firmly upon your mind.

Also, a review of the three false answers, given here for each question will aid you to realize more clearly some of the false ideas which you may have taken for granted. You will thereby grasp and retain the truth much better when it is presented to you.

















































































Grade Yourself:

Simply count the number of questions you missed. Your grade percentage will be next to that number below: