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STUDY THE BIBLE COURSE Lesson 11: A Record in Stone

STUDY THE BIBLE COURSE Lesson 11: A Record in Stone

Lesson 11: A Record in Stone



Bob Thiel, Editor-in-Chief

Published 2017 by the Continuing Church of God

This course is highly based upon the personal correspondence course developed in 1954 under the direction of the late C. Paul Meredith in the old Radio Church of God. Although much of the original writing has been retained, it has been updated for the 21st century and contains more scriptural references, as well as information and questions not in the original course. Unless otherwise noted, scriptural references are to the NKJV, copyright Thomas Nelson Publishing, used by permission. The King James Version (KJV), sometimes referred to as the Authorized Version, is also often used. Additionally, Catholic-approved translations such as the New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) are sometimes used as are other translations.


YOUR Bible MEANS exactly what it says! Its statements of FACT are LITERAL. Whenever symbols are used, they are INTERPRETED for us in Scripture!

But the world does not believe it! Even the leaders of most churches do not really believe it.

And yet it IS true – PROVABLY SO! People often exclaim to us in amazement, “Why, you take what the Bible says LITERALLY!” People today either believe the Bible does not mean quite what it says – and therefore that GOD DOES NOT MEAN QUITE WHAT HE SAYS; or, people are led to DISBELIEVE the Bible entirely and REJECT the FACT THERE IS A GOD!

It’s time we learned the TRUTH about the AUTHORITY of the Bible!

Perilous Times Ahead!

The final END events of this age are RAPIDLY lining up. In the catastrophic climax soon to come, you will have to TRUST GOD IMPLICITLY!

TERRIBLE DAYS ARE JUST AHEAD. But Christ promises, “he who ENDURES to the end SHALL BE SAVED” (Matthew 24:13).


You need to have absolute faith that the BIBLE IS DEPENDABLE! YOU need to KNOW – AND KNOW that you know – the Bible IS the divinely inspired, essential knowledge of God Almighty for mankind! That you are following the RIGHT course when you OBEY GOD’S INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN YOUR BIBLE – instructions that will carry you through to salvation in these perilous times!

Science Gone Amuck

The apostle Paul warns you to be on guard against the OPPOSITION that “science” makes against taking the Word of God – the Bible – LITERALLY. Of this he says, “… avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have ERRED concerning the faith …” (1 Timothy 6:20-21, KJV).

Evolutionary science rejects the revealed Word of God which states that HE CREATED the entire universe. It is founded upon the Theory of Evolution which denies the PROOF that God is the Creator, and rejects the PLAIN STATEMENTS of the Bible about the origin and history of the earth.

But scientists ASSUME all this without the SCIENTIFIC PROOF they demand on material questions. It’s about time we QUIT ASSUMING – it’s time we begin to really PROVE ALL THINGS! (1 Thessalonians 5:21.)

The POSITIVE PROOF of the existence of God and His inspiration of the Bible is so broad, so all-encompassing, so diverse in its many ramifications, that it is possible only to barely SCRATCH THE SURFACE in this brief lesson!

So now let’s begin this amazing study and learn how God’s Creation proves the Bible is true.


Creation Demands a CREATOR

Evolutionists, in their vain attempts to substantiate the Theory of Evolution, are always FORCED to begin with an orderly universe, and the EXISTENCE OF MATTER. The Theory of Evolution BEGINS with matter, laws, and “simple” life!

But what IS matter?

Matter occupies space and has weight. It is not always necessarily seen, since certain gases, and even the air which you breathe, are also classified as “matter.”

Until recently, scientists talked of the law of the “conservation of matter.” However, with the discoveries in nuclear physics, and following Madame Curie’s experiments with radium, scientists have now found there IS a certain amount of “disintegration” in matter!

This deterioration of RADIOACTIVE matter is a scientific fact! Uranium (U 238) gradually disintegrates through many intermediate stages into lead (Pb 206). Uranium, as you may well know, is radioactive and gives off energy in the form of radiation.

Gradually, over a period of seemingly limitless years, this radioactive material disintegrates into lead! THERE IS NO NEW URANIUM COMING INTO EXISTENCE NATURALLY TODAY!

This means, simply stated, that science has PROVED that this earth is gradually running down! The earth, and the whole universe, is like a great, giant CLOCK, which at one time was WOUND UP! It has been gradually “running down” ever since, and is not now by any process known or observed or measured, being “wound up” again!

It is as if man has arrived on the scene in the midst of an ORDERLY UNIVERSE which is gradually “RUNNING DOWN”!

Science has firmly established, then, that THERE HAS BEEN NO PAST ETERNITY OF MATTER! (Some scientists have claimed something called the “oscillating universe” theory, but it has been discredited by various ones).

Matter must have at one time COME INTO EXISTENCE! Since matter by its very nature has had NO PAST ETERNITY, it had to have been, at one time, BROUGHT INTO EXISTENCE!

Here is what scientist Sir James Jeans admits about the origin of matter: “Everything points with overwhelming force to a definite event, or series of events OF CREATION at some time or times, not indefinitely remote. The universe CANNOT have arisen by chance out of its present ingredients, and neither can it have always been the same as now.”

CREATION, then, the VERY EXISTENCE OF THINGS, absolutely DEMANDS and REQUIRES a Creator! That which is made requires a Maker! That which is produced requires a Producer!

Matter, it has been firmly established, has been MADE – it did not just “happen” and has had no past eternity! Therefore, here is irrefutable proof that ALL CREATION REQUIRES A GREAT CREATOR!

GOD Is the Creator

1. Does God reveal that HE created all things? Genesis 1:1.

COMMENT: The FIRST FOUR WORDS you read in your Bible are, “In the beginning GOD …”! God reveals to you that He DOES exist. This is the very FIRST thing He tells you. Now read the next six words, “… CREATED the heavens and the earth.”

God tells you that He is the Creator! The Great First Cause, who CREATED matter, stands revealed as the SUPREME INTELLIGENCE and ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE!

But the universally accepted Theory of Evolution has been so firmly implanted in peoples’ minds, even you may still tend to QUESTION the validity of these first two great revelations of God Almighty!

The Theory of Evolution is INTENDED to lead you to think “the Bible isn’t true and it doesn’t MEAN what it says – that there really is NO God after all!”

2. Who is the actual GUIDING FORCE behind this diabolical plot to erase God and the Bible from the minds of men? Revelation 12:9.

3. Will God one day STOP Satan from deceiving mankind? Revelation 20:1-3.

COMMENT: The Theory of Evolution won’t be taught as if it were fact in the World Tomorrow! When Jesus Christ returns to earth, all mankind will learn the truth that GOD IS THE SUPREME CREATOR OF ALL THE UNIVERSE!

What is “Evolution”?

Before seeing the amazing, irrefutable proof that God is also the great LIFEGIVER and that His biblical record of the ORIGIN of life is true, it is first necessary to state, in simple terms, the meaning of the word “evolution.”

Of course, there are many processes called “evolution.” The process of the development of music from simple to complex is, in a sense, an “evolutionary” process. This, as is true in all technological inventions, has perhaps led many to ASSUME such a development is also true in organic, LIVING material!

Here, simply stated, is the BASIC CONCEPT of the Theory of Evolution: “Evolution is the gradual development from the simple, unorganized condition of primal matter to the complex structure of the physical universe; and in like manner, from the beginning of organic life on the habitable planet, a gradual unfolding and branching out into all the various forms of beings which constitute the animal and plant kingdoms” (“Organic Evolution”, Lull, p. 6).

Notice it! Evolution theorizes FROM THE BEGINNING OF ORGANIC LIFE – already having LIFE with which to begin! It does not now show, nor has it ever shown, nor will it ever be ABLE to show how life CAME into existence!

The Theory of Evolution (the word “theory” means “WE THINK”) states simply, that all life forms that we know today, including humankind, all plant and animal life in all of its myriad species, have gradually EVOLVED from the most simple life forms to the complex, intricate, interdependent species, or “kinds,” we see around us today, each having its own peculiar cyclical life character, each reproducing according to its own kind.

Evolution states that this life evolved in a “gradual process,” by “RESIDENT FORCES” into the complexity of life today.

And herein, at the very basic TRUNK OF THE TREE of all evolutionary thought, lies one of the GREATEST PROOFS of God and the inspiration of the Bible!

The Law of Biogenesis

There is an absolute, demonstrable law of science which comprises a major proof of the existence of a life-giving (1 Timothy 6:13) God!

That is the scientific Law of Biogenesis!

“Bio” means life. “Genesis” means beginning. This law, then, is a law concerning the BEGINNING of life! This law, simply stated, is the absolute law that LIFE COMES ONLY FROM LIFE (BIOLOGY, Villee, p. 18). That the not-living can NEVER give rise to, give birth to, or produce the living. There is perhaps no law known to science that can be any more firmly and easily DEMONSTRATED than the Law of Biogenesis.

Science once used to believe the ridiculous theory of “spontaneous generation” — that life sprang from non-living matter. Aristotle, the embodiment of all that the ancient world knew of natural science, expressly taught that the lower forms of life sprang spontaneously from DEAD, lifeless matter.

According to Aristotle, “Larvae of the bee or wasp, ticks, fireflies and many other insects develop from the morning dew, or from decaying slime and manure, or from dry wood, hair, sweat, and meat” (“The Origin of Life”, A. I. Oparin, p. 6).

Aristotle claimed that worms were generated by moist soil. “Man,” he speculated, “may have a similar origin.” He refused to believe that life can come only from life! Aristotle’s vain speculations, and similar absurdities, were blindly accepted as truth for many centuries!

In 1668, the Italian, Redi, took the first important step toward the refutation of this old pagan idea. By placing gauze over a jar of meat, he prevented flies from depositing their eggs on the meat. He thus prevented the hatching of maggots, which people had been led to assume would spring SPONTANEOUSLY as “new life” from dead matter.

After the microscope was invented in 1683, the masterly work of Tyndall and Louis Pasteur proved conclusively that the “Law of Biogenesis” held true for MICROSCOPIC forms of life as well!

Yet, evolutionists basically believe in abiogenesis, the concept that something that never was alive, somehow, without a Divine entity being involved, became alive.

Evolutionists, geneticists, biologists, scientists in any field whatsoever, have never been able to demonstrate, nor to offer the slightest evidence that the LIVING can come into existence from the NOT-LIVING!

George Wald, Professor of Biology at Harvard admitted:

One has only to contemplate the magnitude of this task to concede that the spontaneous generation of a living organism is IMPOSSIBLE. Yet here we are as a result, I believe, of spontaneous generation (The Physics of Life, p. 9).

Notice that some scientists are so steeped in the Theory of Evolution, they cannot bring themselves to fully accept the absolutely irrefutable proof of scientific laboratory experiments!

It is true that certain laboratory experiments have taken place in which SUPPOSED ‘dead cells’ are said to have been ‘revived’ and brought back to life by the means of certain chemical compounds. This, however, is a FAR CRY from ‘spontaneous generation’ or abiogenesis!

A Series of Impossibilities

Even if we allow the possibility of spontaneous primitive life to have occurred, what would happen?

The primitive life would have to die.

Part of the reason for this is that even a single-cell is so complex, and so full of various biological subsystems, that scientists have learned that many systems are essentially necessary for life to exist or continue. Science recognizes that living organisms must be self-contained, eat, digest, and reproduce to continue to exist.

There are basically two type of cells, prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Prokaryotes are mainly bacteria, and eukaryotes almost everything else. They both have membranes, ribosomes, organelles of digestion, and DNA containing nuclei. Eukaryotes contain 21 amino acids, and they all need to be in the right places and in the right proportions for life to exist.

Spontaneously alive lined-up amino acids/proteins (with other substances coincidentally there) would die because:

1) All living organisms need biological structures such as organelles and membranes. Within the membranes they contain intracellular watersoluble components. Without a membranous structure, the proteins would ultimately diffuse and destroy the living organism. Living organism must be somewhat self-contained.

2) All living organisms need nourishment and direction. Since randomness would not have created the biological structure known as a DNA-containing nucleus (or some primitive equivalent), the cell would die. Even if it had some type of nucleus to provide direction, the nucleus would have to have come into existence with ability to determine what to eat and how to find food, another impossibility.

3) Proteins cannot survive without DNA and DNA cannot exist without proteins, hence there is no way both happened at the same time.

4) Even if the cell had all the above with simultaneous protein and DNA, it would die, because there would have been no reason for it to have spontaneously generated a digestive system in order to utilize the food.

5) Even if evolutionists are granted all the improbabilities and impossibilities this article discusses, the primitive life would quickly die out as there would have been no reason for it to have spontaneously generated an ability to reproduce, nor would it have any innate ability to do so.

Let’s look at this is a slightly different way.

If all the amino acids were to align (as improbable as it would be), it will not become alive. So that step is impossible.

If this primitive cell were to somehow become alive, it would die. Why? Because cells contain intracellular water-soluble components, and it is a fact of physics that water-soluble components will dissipate/destruct without a membrane. Thus, going beyond this step is impossible.

If this cell did have a membrane, what would happen next? It would die. Why? Because it would not have the innate ability to deduce that it needed to eat as it did not form with a nucleus. The nucleus is the part of the cell that contains DNA and other instructions.

Presuming it is in liquid and it runs into food, what will happen? Yes, it will die. Why? Because it was not randomly formed with digestive ability, it will not be able to digest and utilize the food. Thus, going beyond this step is impossible.

Presuming it was randomly formed with a nucleus and digestive abilities, what will happen? It will die out. Why, because it would also have had to be randomly formed with the instructions that it needed to be able to reproduce as well as the ability to do so. Evolution as the origin of life is not just improbable, it is impossible.

It is in the Bible that we are told that when God made life He intended it to reproduce (Genesis 1:11,28,29).

The idea of an ‘intelligent design’ by a Spirit being is the only explanation that does not defy scientifically provable knowledge–for all other explanations result in something that must die out.

Proteins cannot of themselves reproduce– they need DNA:

DNA cannot exist without proteins, and proteins cannot exist without DNA. (Pietzsch J. Understanding the RNAissance. c. 2003. round/understanding.html viewed 05/05/12)

DNA can basically do nothing of itself, it needs proteins. Does any scientifically rational person actually believe that they randomly developed and got together at the same time for life as we know it to exist without Divine intervention?

The answer should be obvious. No.

By the way, as mentioned before, God expects humans to realize that He exists through various aspects of His creation (Romans 1:20).

Thus since life could not have randomly sprung forth, eaten, and reproduced, only a different type of entity (God) could have caused it to begin. And that is what the Bible teaches (e.g. Genesis 1; 1 Timothy 6:13).

Charles Darwin Saw a Potential Flaw to His Theory It may be of interest to note that Charles Darwin, the human credited for the so-called scientific development of the theory of evolution (and to be technical, evolution is a model and not a scientific theory), wrote the following in his book The Origin of the Species:

If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down (Darwin C. The Origin of Species. In Chapter 6, Difficulties on Theory. Cricket House Books LLC, 2010, p. 124).

Although he did not believe that was demonstrated to his satisfaction when he wrote that, the truth is that cellular life was simply much more complex than he at that time realized. Thus, even Charles Robert Darwin’s writings contain an admission that he understood that additional complexity would disprove his theory (perhaps it should be noted that the discovery of DNA would seem to qualify as sufficient complexity that he was unaware of). Of course, scientists know that random amino acids also do not come with DNA. And while this was not known at Darwin’s time, this is known now.

Darwin himself seemed to acknowledge that life could not have started on its own. He seemed to, some degree, rely on the biblical account in the Book of Genesis as he wrote:

There is a grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms or into one (The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin, 2nd and subsequent editions).

Thus, apparently Darwin recognized the impossibility of life starting on its own without a Creator (God).

Modern evolutionists overlook biological realities.

There is a broad, gaping, yawning chasm of separation between LIFE and DEATH. The great gap between the not-living and the living is SO BROAD, SO INSURMOUNTABLE, SO UNFATHOMABLE BY man, that evolutionists can only “suppose” and GUESS, offering vague, ethereal, nebulous “theories” as to how life, even the simplest forms – “might have” begun!


God Is the Great LIFEGIVER!

1. Does God reveal that He has life inherent within HIMSELF? John 5:26. Did He also give the GIFT of inherent ETERNAL LIFE to the resurrected Christ? Same verse.

2. Does the Bible tell us that it is GOD ALONE who gives life whether temporal or eternal? Romans 6:23, 1 Timothy 6:13a.

COMMENT: Remember! “Life” is a GIFT to be GIVEN BY GOD ONLY!

3. Does God dogmatically state that He formed man from the dust of the ground and GAVE him temporal, PHYSICAL LIFE? Genesis 2:7.

COMMENT: Almighty God, the Life SelfExistent, the One who has life, who IS Life, who was BEFORE all things, IMPARTED LIFE to the first man, and set within man, the animals, and all plants, the cyclical character of life which enables them to reproduce according to certain set laws!


“Evolution” of KINDS?

The so-called “Science” of Evolution theorizes that all the KINDS of life on our earth – the creatures of the land, water, and air – developed from ONE simple, singlecelled protoplasmic substance. It supposedly sprang to life SPONTANEOUSLY in warm ocean slime – WITHOUT external help from any god.

Exactly how, then, does science teach that the various kinds of life, the bird KINDS, the animal KINDS, the fish KINDS, etc. – developed from this ONE ORIGINAL LIVING CELL?

Here, in brief, is what the Theory of Evolution teaches: A single-celled bit of protoplasm multiplied, OF ITSELF, into additional cells. These cells later developed into worms which multiplied until the oceans became populated with vast swarms of something like wiggling worms!

JUST THINK! YOU supposedly “evolved” from a worm! What an INSULT to human intelligence!

But to continue, the worms developed and multiplied. Some gradually took to land, developing lungs for breathing out of water, becoming what are called amphibians. Some of them stayed on land altogether, and so their gills gradually disappeared. Now they were land animals. The amphibians continued to live both in water and on land, using both gills and lungs. And the purely sea forms of life remained in the water, having only gills.

Evolution teaches that these early forms of life developed very gradually or through mutations. Through a “fixed natural law of VARIATION OF SPECIES,” each form, or kind of life gradually took on new characteristics. They progressed slowly toward the more complex physical forms and toward advancing intelligence – until they CHANGED into totally DIFFERENT KINDS of animals.

By this gradual and ‘random’ method, reptile forms, and then mammals (animals having a spinal column, whose females suckle its young) supposedly developed. This process of progressive development and change from one kind into entirely different and higher KINDS supposedly continued for MILLIONS OF YEARS!

Branching off into different life forms took place until, among other forms, something resembling today’s monkey finally developed. Then the anthropoid ape (or a species similar) and finally – HUMAN BEINGS!

Humanity’s TRANSITION from some lower animal similar to the anthropoid ape is believed to have been so GRADUAL, that it is impossible to tell at just what stage it ceased to be an ape and became a human! Thus, according to this “theory,” THERE WAS NO ONE FIRST MAN CALLED ADAM, AS THE BIBLE REVEALS! Yet, somehow, most evolutionists accept that all humans had the same original mother, whom, yes, they tend to call “Eve.”

The first humans were, according to the Theory of Evolution, unintelligent savages. But the mind gradually developed and character began to form – and so humans SUPPOSEDLY have been getting BETTER AND BETTER EVER SINCE. Since randomness could not account for this, they tend to claim that “survival of the fittest” caused this.

This is what science “theorizes” about the origin of man and the various ‘kinds’ of creatures we see about us today.


Bible Reveals TRUE ORIGIN of “Kinds”

1. Does God reveal that He created all the various kinds of living things? Revelation 10:6.

2. Were these living “KINDS” to give rise to – reproduce – yet OTHER NEW “KINDS” DIFFERENT from their own kind? Or were they to reproduce ONLY after their OWN “KIND”? Genesis 1:11, 24. Then read all of Genesis, chapter 1.

COMMENT: God reveals that HE caused the earth to put forth the grasses, herbs and trees AFTER THEIR KIND. And the living creatures AFTER THEIR KIND.

Genesis 1 reveals God ordained that every living thing He created DURING creation week would ALWAYS REPRODUCE AFTER ITS OWN KIND! The phrase “after its kind” is repeated time and again! The various “kinds” were NOT to give rise to NEW kinds, as the Theory of “EVOLUTION” teaches.

3. Does Hebrew 4:3b indicate that God intended to keep on creating NEW KINDS down through the ages? Or did He FINISH His creations during creation week?

COMMENT: “The works were FINISHED from the foundation of the world.” There were to be NO NEW KINDS of life coming into existence after the days of creation. An ape was always to reproduce an ape – NOT gradually develop into a human!

God says HE made ALL the various KINDS of life SUDDENLY. Within a week EVERYTHING was created. He did not ordain that new KINDS of living things would be appearing in our day!

The diabolical “THEORY” of the “EVOLUTION” of kinds is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to God’s true revelation! Evolution and the Bible can’t both be right – one is a LIE! Christ, speaking of the DEVIL, said, “He is a LIAR, and the FATHER of it” (John 8:44).

There is the SOURCE of this world’s God and Bible-rejecting Theory of Evolution! The Devil inspired it and continues to DECEIVE the world into believing it! But Satan’s time is fast running out. Jesus Christ is about to REPLACE the “father” of all lies!

Scientific Evidence Proves Bible Kinds

ANYONE can make claims! But when it comes to PROVING these claims, that is another matter. Either we have the PROOF or we don’t.

Let’s examine the evidence to see WHICH claims the FACTS support – God’s Word or those of this world’s Satanically inspired Theory of Evolution.

God told Noah to take males and females of all living things on the earth, “AFTER THEIR KIND,” and place them in a great ship he was to build (Genesis 7:1-9, RSV).

But the doubter will ask, “How could the ark possibly have held so many creatures since we find myriad VARIETIES of animals today?”

That’s a good question! Here’s the SIMPLE ANSWER! In Genesis 2:19-20, we find that God brought all the beasts of the field and all the fowl to Adam so he could NAME them. The number of Genesis “kinds” at Creation were so FEW that Adam was able to give them each a name that same day! This suggests that the original Genesis “kinds” were relatively FEW in number.

Now scientists have learned that NEW VARIETIES of Genesis “kinds” of life which live in the air, sea, or on land, may naturally be produced. About the year 1900, Hugo de Vries, experimenting with the primrose, found that from this primrose KIND came many NEW VARIETIES OF PRIMROSES that he had never seen before. They arose “SUDDENLY, spontaneously, by steps, BY JUMPS. They JUMPED out among the offspring.” This process he named “mutation.” (“Man, Time and Fossils”, Ruth Moore, Chapter 8, p. 130.)

This, then, is why we have so many VARIETIES of birds, dogs, cattle even people, today! This also explains why God could command Noah to put all known “kinds” of living creatures into the ark. For there were still relatively FEW Genesis “kinds” in Noah’s day. Since that time these “kinds” have produced GREAT NUMBERS OF VARIETIES!

There has been NO “evolution” since the flood. But there have been changes within the kinds – the appearance of NEW VARIETIES of the same Genesis “kind.” God’s Word is strictly in accord with TRUE science, not with “science falsely so called”! (1 Timothy 6:20, KJV.)

Scientists have ATTEMPTED to prove their evolutionary theories by “selective breeding” and studies in “mutations.” But these do not prove evolution! They prove, as we have just seen, the existence of absolute, unchangeable LAWS governing the reproduction of all animal and plant life, and that those laws function within certain LIMITED BOUNDS that cannot be transcended or broken!

While we are able to breed and cultivate today NEW VARIETIES within a great “KIND,” they are still of the SAME “KIND” and NOT a new species of life! There are hundreds of DIFFERENT VARIETIES within a certain species, and while there may be small, tiny dogs, such as the Mexican Chihuahua, and also great huge dogs such as the St. Bernard or the Great Dane, THEY ARE STILL DOGS! They are not cats, nor horses, nor are they even beginning to show a gradual trend toward developing into ANOTHER SPECIES! They are all of the SAME KIND!

Any farmer who labours in his fields, raising corn, wheat or other crops, knows some of the basic proofs of selective breeding.

Scientists working with guinea pigs or other animals in laboratories can arrange an absolute PATTERN of just how the genes and chromosomes are going to react in the interbreeding of certain animals according to their coloring and various characteristics.

THEY ARE ABLE TO TELL in ADVANCE just EXACTLY what the offspring are going to look like! Again, this does not prove anything except demonstrate the existence of an allwise, all-powerful God who MADE these laws, and who also sustains them!

The FACT that God commanded the earth to bring forth living creatures “after his kind,” and has been enforcing and SUSTAINING that law ever since, is another major PROOF of God’s existence and the veracity of His inspired Word!

PERFECT PRE-Adamic Earth Became a RUIN!

Exactly what HAPPENED to the earth before God created the first human? Only God KNOWS – for He was there! Humans can only “suppose” or “theorize” as to what really happened.

God is now going to tell you about the origin and subsequent DESOLATION of our earth – a period of time possibly millions, or billions, of years before He created the first humans. It’s all revealed in your Bible!

1. What is the VERY FIRST THING God reveals in the Bible? Genesis 1:1. Did God originally create the earth “not IN VAIN” – NOT in CONFUSION? Isaiah 45:18, KJV.

COMMENT: The earth was created so beautiful and so perfect, that all the angels shouted for joy (Job 38:4-7). It was in PERFECT ORDER. There was NO CONFUSION – “HE created it [the earth] NOT IN VAIN.” The Hebrew word in the original inspired writing, which has been translated into English here as “in vain,” is “TOHU,” which means “desolation” or “confusion” (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible).

So our earth, in its ORIGINAL state, was created NOT “in vain” — NOT “tohu” — NOT A DESOLATION. It was a PERFECT place.

2. Keep in mind that Genesis, chapter 1, is in exact time sequence. Now note in Genesis 1:2 the NEXT glimpse of our earth. Was it STILL a perfect place?

COMMENT: “And the earth was [or became] WITHOUT FORM and VOID; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” The Hebrew word for “without form” is “TOHU” – THE same word used in Isaiah 45:18. SO Genesis 1:2 tells us the former perfect earth HAD BECOME “without form” – HAD BECOME “tohu” – had BECOME A DESOLATION!

A radical CHANGE had taken place! And all this happened BEFORE Adam and Eve and the creatures of their world were created.

God EMPHASIZES the completeness of the destruction by saying, in addition, “the earth was … VOID.” The Hebrew word for “void” means an “INDISTINGUISHABLE RUIN”! OUR ORIGINAL EARTH, FOR SOME REASON, HAD BECOME A PLACE OF INDISTINGUISHABLE RUIN!


GOD reveals the answer. Recall that God has given Satan and his demons rule over our earth. Satan is the PRESENT “god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4)

But Satan’s name has not always been “Satan,” which means “Adversary.” He once bore the name “Lucifer,” which means “Light-Bringer.”

Lucifer once held the exalted position of God’s anointed cherub (Ezekiel 28:14). God had placed him in the pre-Adamic, then perfect, earth and made Lucifer RULER over all its ANGELIC inhabitants.

But Lucifer wasn’t satisfied with his great position of authority. He lusted for MORE POWER AND AUTHORITY – he greedily desired to REPLACE God Almighty as the Supreme Ruler of the universe! (Isaiah 14:12-14.) He said, “I will ASCEND above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High” (verse 14).

So Lucifer and one third of God’s angels became TRAITORS! (Revelation 12:3-4.) They ascended to heaven in an attempt to knock God off His throne and take over ruler-ship of the entire universe! (Isaiah 14:13.)

But Lucifer FAILED! He and his demon-angels were repelled by God and His faithful angelic armies. They were cast back to this earth and CONFINED to its atmosphere (Isaiah 14:12; Jude 6). (A coming lesson is expected to give you more of the details of Lucifer’s preAdamic reign on earth and subsequent rebellion.)

Satan had REBELLED against God. He had SINNED against his Creator!

Disobedience – SIN – BRINGS DESTRUCTION from God on the area in which the sin occurs. Witness to this fact is God’s obliteration of the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, because their SIN was “very grievous” (Genesis 18:20). Ancient Babylon suffered a similar fate for its sins.

Now it becomes clear WHY the next glimpse we have of our earth, after it had been created perfect and beautiful, reveals it to be an “indistinguishable ruin.”

Because of Satan’s sin, God obliterated the pre-Adamic earth’s surface by using great cataclysmic physical forces. All plant and animal life existing on the perfect, preAdamic earth was caught in this great catastrophe and perished!

A PERFECT CREATION and a COMPLETE DESTRUCTION occur within the first two verses of Genesis, chapter one! GOD has told us so!

What was the NEXT thing that happened to our earth as it lay desolate and dark? Man cannot, of himself, know with certainty.

But again God reveals it to us, and in its proper time sequence, in the first chapter of Genesis: “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” (Genesis 1:2 – last part, and verse 3, KJV).

After an indeterminable period of time, God began the creation of the ADAMIC world by resurfacing, in degree, its damaged surface to make it a habitable place for the first man and woman.

Notice that the Spirit of God moved “upon the face of the WATERS.” The pre-Adamic world was destroyed and covered by WATER, the same as the earth of Noah’s time. And by the POWER of the Holy Spirit, God remade the earth’s surface, as the following verses of Genesis 1 relate.

Stratigraphy PROVES the Bible True

In describing the famous earth strata in England called The Old Red Sandstone, Hugh Miller says, “Some terrible catastrophe involved the SUDDEN destruction of the fish of an area at least a hundred miles from boundary to boundary … The remains exhibit unequivocally the marks of VIOLENT death.”

Fossil fishes are sometimes found in the highest state of PRESERVATION, indicating the SUDDENNESS of this pre-Adamic catastrophe! The rigid fins and open mouths of many of these fossil fishes show their STARK TERROR! And sharks five feet long are so interred that they are PRESSED FLAT TO THE THICKNESS OF ONLY ONE FOURTH INCH! The way they were buried shows clearly that they were trying to swim frantically in water heavily laden with sediment.

Concerning the depth of these fossils, Lhwayd states, “Marine fossils … I have found buried (or enclosed) within solid marble on the face of broken sea-cliffs of the height of 200 fathoms.” Water DESTRUCTION carried down TO AN ENORMOUS DEPTH – MUCH DEEPER THAN THE FLOOD OF NOAH’S TIME CAN ACCOUNT FOR! How deep the earth’s surface is stratified is not really known. But deep mines and the sides of mountains indicate the earth may be stratified in some places to a DEPTH OF TWO MILES!

The action of the sediment-laden water of the pre-Adamic destruction produced most of the earth’s strata as we see them today. Professor Woodward of Cambridge says, “The earth, all around the globe, appears, wherever it is laid open, to be wholly composed of strata lying on each other in the form of so many SEDIMENTS FALLEN DOWN SUCCESSIVELY IN WATER.”

These sedimentary layers often hardened into rock. Some layers, while soft, bent. Others, after becoming hard, often cracked. “Water ripple marks” are extremely numerous in many kinds of stone. And in these strata are found our coal deposits, which are the COMPRESSED remains of lush pre-Adamic plant and animal life buried by this great catastrophe.

There is abundant, absolute proof of the RAPID succession in which the pre-Adamic strata were deposited – evidence which evolutionists REFUSE TO BELIEVE. A vast number of fossil trees and plants are found, in some cases, standing in an ERECT position, and in other cases in an oblique position – PIERCING THROUGH SUCCESSIVE BEDS OF STONE!

Horsetails, rushes and other plants are very delicate and easily broken. Yet these plants are often found IN THE HARDEST SANDSTONE, UNBROKEN AND INTACT! The accumulation, or deposition, of the watercarried sediment was SO RAPID, it prevented the decomposition of the outer layers of these plants! These strata were, in reality, formed in DAYS – NOT thousands, or millions of years!

The destruction of both sea and land life at the time of Lucifer’s rebellion is clearly proved by the earth’s strata. Geologists call those strata containing sea-life, “Paleozoic” and those containing primarily land life, “Mesozoic.” All the strata composing these two kinds of life were laid down suddenly!

They are usually much THICKER and HARDER than the deposits of Noah’s Flood.

It is interesting to note that the pre-Adamic world has been appropriately called the “Age of Reptiles.” Giant reptiles – some probably weighing up to 40 tons – not only roamed the land, but flew in the air, while yet others excelled the fishes in the sea! Gigantic insects filled the air. Huge tree ferns, horsetails, club mosses, cycads and conifers covered the face of the earth, creating vast forests unlike any we know today.

But in Genesis, chapter 1, we have a description of the wonderful creation God made for humanity’s needs. Mammals of all kinds, including ones that are considered to have been domesticated were made (verses 24-25). Also the grains of the field, fruits and vegetables were given to humankind (verses 11-12,29).

Scientists admit they are puzzled at the SUDDEN appearance of these animals in the fossil record and the SUDDEN disappearance of the life forms which characterized Lucifer’s world. Listen to this admission:

G.G. Simpson has said, that the most dramatic and in many respects ‘the most puzzling event in the history of life on the earth, … is the change from the Mesozoic Age of Reptiles, to the … Age of Mammals. It is as if the curtain were rung down SUDDENLY on a stage where all the leading roles were taken by reptiles, especially dinosaurs, in great numbers and bewildering variety, and rose again IMMEDIATELY to reveal the same setting but an entirely new cast, a cast in which the dinosaurs do not appear at all. Other reptiles are mere supernumeraries and the leading parts are all played by mammals …’ (Historic Geology, Carl O. Dunbar, page 426).

Certain REPRESENTATIVE TYPES of Lucifer’s world have survived, but the great “Age of Reptiles” is forever gone!

The world is now man’s to populate and govern (Genesis 1:26). But man corrupted his ways upon the earth and SINNED very greatly (Genesis 6:5, 12-13). Around 1650 years after Adam and Eve’s creation, God had to send a flood to destroy all breathing things, except Noah and all that was with him in the ark.

Noah’s Flood DID Occur!

Evolutionists REJECT the biblical record of a universal Noachian Flood. But there is PROOF that Noah’s Flood DID occur!

1. Does God reveal, through His inspired Word – the Bible that there was an actual flood in Noah’s time? Read Genesis, chapters 6, 7, and 8.

2. What does God say of SCOFFERS who doubt His existence and His power? 2 Peter 3:3-6.

COMMENT: God is saying here that scoffers in our time would willingly remain ignorant – not willing to face the EVIDENCE of the MYRIAD PROOFS of God’s existence, His creation of the universe and the FACT that Noah’s Flood DID occur!

What, then, is the EVIDENCE of Noah’s Flood? The waters that once covered the world in Noah’s time left VISIBLE MARKS on the earth. The erosive powers of receding flood waters and the churning, powerful waters laden with sediment buried billions of animals and plants! Their remains have been found AROUND THE WORLD – mute testimony of the great destruction brought on the earth because of man’s sins.

One formation of rocks in Africa, for example, has been estimated to contain eight HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION (800,000,000,000) SKELETONS of vertebrate animals! (Journal of Palaeontology, May 1959, p. 496.)

Geologists study and analyse this evidence every day, yet the plain meaning of these findings are ignored! Instead, the baseless Theory of Evolution would have one believe these creatures were gradually buried over millions of years! Yet any geologist must admit that an animal must be buried fairly quickly by sediment, or other means, or its SKELETON will not become a fossil. Millions of bison were killed on the Great Plains in the United States in the last century, yet NOT ONE became a fossil. A vivid example that a gigantic flood had to bury the billions of creatures scientists find entombed in the rocks!

Pretty much all the flood deposits of Noah’s time are THIN and scattered over the surface of the earth. Geologists call some these deposits “Cenozoic.”

“Science” MISINTERPRETS the Evidence

In Genesis, chapters 7 and 8, God reveals that the Flood of Noah’s time progressed comparatively SLOWLY. It began with 40 days of rain. The flood waters reached their peak about the seventh month of the year and it took about the same period of time to recede.

But its water currents were NOT EVERYWHERE VIOLENT, for God watched over the ark (Genesis 8:1), and it weathered the Flood. Therefore, the deposits from the Flood of Noah were NOT as deep as those from the pre-Adamic world. It is common knowledge today that large numbers of fossils are being dug up from RELATIVELY GREAT DEPTHS! Some represent sea life. Others are giant monsters of which we have no other record.

To what world did these creatures belong?

They are clearly a creation far too DIFFERENT – ANOTHER CREATION BURIED FAR TOO DEEP – TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE ADAMIC CREATION buried in Noah’s day. Some denominations carelessly lump THIS DEEPLY BURIED CREATION with the creation of Adam’s time.

What, then, does this deeply buried creation represent?

Why, the great catastrophe brought upon our originally perfect earth because of LUCIFER’S SIN, of course!! The PRE-ADAMIC DESTRUCTION!

How plain and simple everything becomes when we CAREFULLY examine the earth’s strata. We find that the BIBLE HAS CONTAINED THE TRUTH ALL ALONG! ONLY “SCIENCE” HAS BEEN TOO STUBBORN – “WILLINGLY IGNORANT” – TO ACCEPT IT!

God has used ALL His Creation to PROVE to mankind that His Bible means EXACTLY what it says. FIRST God tells man plainly in Genesis what is true. THEN He tells man to prove His Word by ALL the things He has made – by His Creation:

20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are CLEARLY SEEN, being UNDERSTOOD by the things that are MADE [God’s Creation], even His eternal power and Godhead, SO THAT THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE (Romans 1:20).

The information is there, but many do not wish to accept it.

Evolutionists, of course, have come up with a variety of arguments to try to justify their position. But upon further review, they tend not to hold up to long-term scientific scrutiny.

The March 1, 2008 issue of New Scientist makes the following claims:

“Yet the idea still persists that the fossil record is too patchy to provide good evidence of evolution. One reason for this is the influence of creationism. Foremost among their tactics is to distort or ignore the evidence for evolution; a favourite lie is “there are no transitional fossils”. This is manifestly untrue.”

“Creationists simply have no answer for such irrefutable evidence.”

Of course, the above is false. The history of evolutionist “proof” has been riddled with made-up “evidence,” lies, and ignoring the laws of science.

Speaking of made up proof, I remember looking at drawings supposedly of human and non-human embryos in a science text in school, only to learn later that the drawings were not accurate, but were modified to make the embryos look more similar in order to support “evolution.”

I also recall seeing pictures of dark moths on trees in the UK which supposedly proved some aspect of evolution only to later learn that those moths do not stay on trees and were pinned on them for purposes of making a photo for evolutionary “proof.”

Furthermore, some of the early so-called “missing link” skulls for alleged human “evolution” turned out to be scientific frauds even though evolution accepting scientists accepted this evidence, sometimes for decades.

What about this “transitional fossils” New Scientist argument?

Essentially, it seems that many evolutionists hope that if they can CLAIM some fossil is a “transitional species,” then this proves that there were some many other “transitional species” (which they never have produced complete evidence of) and that evolution is true.

But evolution has never actually provided that evidence. Furthermore, the concept of “transitional” species violates at least one of the principles of evolution. And that is, that the organism is developed to where it is best to survive. Or in other words, since (according to evolutionists) there is simply random development and the fittest survive, then there is absolutely no reason why any species is or could be “transitional.”

One so-called “transitional fossil” is supposed to be a reptile with feathers, allegedly proving that reptiles evolved into birds. This was also in textbooks I had in school. But that, too, has also been proven to be false. Notice the following news items on that:

Paris – Palaeontologists have fired a broadside over a fossil which is the cornerstone evidence to back the theory that birds descended from dinosaurs.

The row focuses on Sinosauropteryx, a fossil found in 1994 by a farmer in Liaoning province, northeastern China, a treasure trove of the Early Cretaceous period some 130 million years ago. …

But a new study, published by a team led by South African academic Theagarten Lingham-Soliar at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, sweeps away the proto-feathers claim.

The two-branched structures, called rachis with barbs, that were proclaimed as early feathers are quite simply the remains of a frill of collagen fibres that ran down the dinosaur’s back from head to tail, they say.

The evidence comes from a recently discovered specimen of Sinoauropteryx, also found in the same Yixian Formation at Liaoning, that Lingham-Soliar put to the scrutiny of a high-powered microscope. …

The first known bird is Archaeopteryx, which lived around 150 million years ago.

What is missing are the links between Archaeopteryx and other species that would show how it evolved. But fossil record is frustratingly small and incomplete and this is why debate has been so fierce.

The evidence in support of the primitive feathers lacked serious investigation, Lingham-Soliar says.

“There is not a single close-up representation of the integumental structure alleged to be a protofeather,” Lingham-Soliar says.

Given that the evolution of the feather is a pivotal moment in the history of life, “scientific rigour is called for”.

The study appears on Wednesday in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a journal of the Royal Society, Britain’s de-facto academy of sciences.

And even if there were feathers, since scientists also admit that this creature did not fly, it makes no sense to claim that it was evolving into something that would fly.

Evolution normally attempts to try to explain life beginning without a creator. Something that other laws of science show is not true. .

The sad truth is that evolution is accepted by many who do not actually want to live God’s way of life, nor do those “believers” tend to take seriously the prophetic warnings of the Bible. Actually the Bible is supportive of the idea that those who accept theories like evolution have allowed their minds to deevolve in the sense that they wish to believe a lie (Romans 1:18-32).

Evolution Versus the Bible

Remember that this world’s idea of “evolution” is only a THEORY or a ‘model’ of explanation. The word “theory” means “we THINK”! A “theory” is NOT a PROVEN FACT!

So, since they want to act like it is, evolutionists often will claim that evolution is the model of how life developed on the earth. But that ‘model’ is still based on the same theory.

The “Theory” of Evolution claims that our earth came into existence by slow progressive changes of matter which ALREADY EXISTED. It implies that matter has ALWAYS existed. Furthermore, it teaches that these changes were brought about according to “fixed natural laws,” and only by forces originating WITHIN the material itself.

Evolution denies that GOD had anything to do with designing and creating the earth (though some evolutionists embrace ‘theistic evolution,’ which claims that God started and/or directed the ‘evolutionary processes’). Since the Theory of Evolution FLATLY DENIES the Word of God, it should be clear to all that it is a Satanically-inspired theory!

Your BIBLE dogmatically states GOD EXISTS and that HE CREATED ALL THINGS (Genesis 1:1) – that God acted on matter from the OUTSIDE!

We have seen that God made sure His creation would bear absolute VISIBLE PROOF – UNALTERABLE PROOF – that the Bible speaks the EXACT TRUTH! Let’s remember that evidence proving the Bible is the DEPENDABLE, inspired Word of God.

Now we can see WHY there is no smoothness – NO “uniformity” – of the earth’s strata as the evolutionists TRY to prove. Now we know WHY the remains of animal and plant life are found within our earth’s strata in a manner which only VIOLENT water action could have produced – NOT gentle water action which would occur if the earth’s surface GENTLY rose above the ocean level and then sank below it many times over millions of years.

The some of the long “geologic ages” of the earth obviously are NOT what evolutionary geologists claim. They couldn’t be since the VIOLENT currents and eddies of water of the SUDDEN pre-Adamic catastrophe swirled various types of soil and debris. This sediment quickly settled and solidified to form the strata we see today.

NEVER has the post-Adamic skeleton of a human been found in the deeper layers of the earth along with various types of reptiles which are recognized to have existed in “prehistoric” times. Why? BECAUSE HUMANS HADN’T BEEN CREATED YET!

With all the vast numbers of bones unearthed in various strata, humans have never been able to PROVE the steps of “evolution” of even ONE animal as it (supposedly) progressively changed into better and better forms. NO SUCH BONES EXIST, for God created everything SUDDENLY and “AFTER ITS KIND.” Tens of thousands of “evolutionary GAPS” naturally appear when such an attempt is made. Common “evolutionary” skeletal reconstructions are, often, in reality assemblages of bones of VARIETIES of the SAME “KIND” which were buried at the SAME TIME – not ages apart!


Don’t You Be FOOLED!

Jokes about humanity’s supposed “evolution” from monkeys and apes have been told for over a century. And you sometimes see cartoons about humanity’s so-called “ancestors.” This is because the world has swallowed as FACT the absolutely unproven THEORY of Evolution.

From time to time “scientists” claim remarkable discoveries by which the Doctrine of Evolution is SUPPOSEDLY transported from the realm of theory into fact. Decades back, scientists claimed to have found GIANT apes which approach the size of modern-day humans. Because those apes approach the size of a human, and are somewhat similar in other ways, some scientists ASSUMED that they were the immediate ancestors of modern human. They have since changed that view, as well as certain other views that they thought ‘proved’ evolution.

When researchers found these GIANT APES/PRIMATES, they also found buried in strata, GIANT ferns, GIANT crabs, GIANT tigers, and GIANT elephants! It is only logical that giant APES would also be found! But they are still apes, not “humans.” Therefore GIANT APES PROVE NOTHING about humanity’s supposed “evolution” from monkeys and apes!

Often, in one way or another, the idea of evolution is perpetuated by the media. And there is a REASON WHY! Evolution makes belief in God and the Bible IMPOSSIBLE!

Evolution denies the necessity of an Almighty CREATOR God. It tries to turn “out of doors” the One who states that He is the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS. It implies God NEVER existed. And it makes the Bible APPEAR as a colossal lie!

Evolution also DENIES the necessity of a REDEEMER, for if there is no God, then there is NO Spiritual Law to BREAK! NO OBEDIENCE IS required of anyone. And evolution consequently leads you to believe that physical death is the “end of the road” for you!

But the Bible teaches that Adam was created physically perfect in the beginning. He was created SUDDENLY. It reveals that he and Eve disobeyed their Creator – SINNED – and therefore need a Redeemer to BLOT OUT their sins. It also teaches that humans may receive eternal life as a free GIFT from God on the CONDITION that they repent of their sins, accept Jesus, and OBEY the CREATOR (Acts 2:38)!

Today, teachers and professors in all levels of education are putting the Evolutionary Concept IN THE MINDS OF OUR YOUTH. It strikes like a viper at the very roots of TRUE CHRISTIANITY! They do not want students to consider that there are more scientific, more plausible explanations, as to how human life came to be.

Their lies work on a child’s subconscious mind, repeating over and over again, “God didn’t REALLY mean it when He said IN THE BIBLE, ‘In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth.’” The mind, with Satan’s influence (Ephesians 2:2), therefore reasons, “IF the first words of the Bible are false, then the WHOLE BIBLE IS false”; or, “The Bible doesn’t ring true with what science tells us about evolution, so the Bible MUST be false.” SOON MANY BECOME AT LEAST A TYPE OF ATHEIST BEFORE THEY REALIZE IT!

“Satan, who deceives the whole world” (Revelation 12:9), planned it this way! For the “father” of all lies (John 8:44) is the true AUTHOR of the Theory of Evolution!

You now have the facts from the Bible and TRUE “science.” You have absolute PROOF that the facts presented in the Bible are TRUE. God’s creation PROVES the Bible is MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY!

The Study the Bible Course will continue to bring you these facts. Prove them by the Bible and TRUE science so you’ll KNOW that you KNOW THE BIBLE ALWAYS MEANS EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS!

The question is: Do evolutionists even now really know?

Answer: They are merely guessing! And guessing wrongly—so do all who reject the Word of God.